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CleanWay Fuel Fill Takes The Spill Out of Boat Fueling

CleanWay Fuel Fill™ just could be the answer to every concerned boater's question...how do I stop fuel spill from splashing me, my boat, and the water when fueling?

Garry Fox, at Fox Environmental Products LLC in Fort Pierce, Florida, had the same question and, lacking a suitable answer in theory or product, was determined to design, test, develop and do whatever else he needed to do to make a solution. He did. Fox, a retired transplant from Las Vegas, Nevada, now makes his home on the southeast coast of Florida. “Although I've owned plenty of boats all my life, when I moved to Florida I found I really could go boating any and every day I wanted to and I did,” and then added, “I couldn't stand the slopping of fuel at fuelup.” He went on to say, “fuel spillage took some of the pleasure out of boating not to mention what I knew it must be doing to the environment.” “I can't think of anyone I know who boats who doesn't have the same concern.”

My solution? Fix the problem by designing a fuel filler that works with any fuel nozzle. That's the key element and it's accomplished by inserting the CleanWay Fuel Fill™ device into your boat's gas/diesel deck fill and then inserting the fuel nozzle into it. Made of clear chemical resistant heavy duty material, each Clean Way Fuel Fill™ comes with an assortment of adapters to match any deck fuel plate and any size fuel nozzle.

It's on the market. It works. Boaters, this product isn't a “wannahave”. It's a must.